My name is Victor, born and raised in Malaysia. I migrated to Melbourne in 2009 and completed Screen & Media at Swinburne University in 2013. Growing up I love reading Japanese Manga because it's visually engaging and there are no limits in storytelling. Whilst having attempted manga drawing and photography, I eventually found film-making as my lifelong passion.

My main focus in filmmaking is being a cinematographer/director of photography (DOP). Currently, the biggest project I am working on is 'Verite', an Independent Feature Film as the DOP. I have also done short films, documentaries, commercials, corporate videos, live event coverage, weddings and music videos. I also enjoy video editing and colouring as part of being a visual storyteller.

Among my peers, I am always known as the patient guy with the ability to work as a team. Adept in technical problem-solving and improvisation allow me to work under challenging conditions and making sure the job gets done.

My passion is to deliver meaningful stories visually that hopefully would bring a positive impact to people's lives.

Victor Ng