Feature Film


Showreel 2019

Project shot by between 2017 - 2019.

How Many Times

Psychedelic music video by ‘Sugar Jacket’.

Just Cuts, Traralgon

Grand opening promo video for Just Cuts.

Day 675

Sci-Fi short film set in a post-apocalyptic world 675 days after 'The Event'. Two survivors try to find a ship that will take them home to Earth's colony in Space.

Better Life For Bunnies

Short documentary about educational incursion on care and welfare for bunnies. Rodereel 2019 submission.


Micro crew short film of an unsuccessful Australian stand-up comedian who struggles to find a joke in Hong Kong.

500 days of summer in melbourne

Scene recreation from the movie ‘500 Days Of Summer’.

Miss Fox

Promo video by Angel Cindy Creatives for Miss Fox

All our heroes are dead

Video teaser by City On A Hill, Book of Judges.

8 surf Parade, inverloch

Real estate video near Inverloch beach.

The Jam Ringo Experience

Short documentary of a music talkshow that pushes alternative and psychedelic music into the limelight. Rodereel 2018 submission.

Jordan & Amanda Wedding

Wedding highlight video of Jordan & Amanda in Dubbo.


Short film for Unscene 2018.

Willows Fairyland

Kickstarter product video of children’s play set.


Basketball promo video for social media.

Punch, kick, jump

Martial art sequence for talent portfolio.

REceva Commercial

BTS video of the commercial shoot


Bob Kratzenjammer. Metal Detective comedy short.